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BioAnalytical Services: Testing | Bioassay | Clinical Study

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Since 1997, our bioanalytical testing and research range from basic phytonutrient analysis to bioassays and complex clinical studies, focusing on nutritional and health effects investigation:

  • Human cells based bioassayspreclinical studies to identify health benefit potentials: anti-inflammatory, weight/diabetes managementantioxidant, biouptake efficacy, adaptogenic, neuroprotection, energy metabolism, anti-aging, etc..
  • Clinical Studies to investigate a material's health functions including Oxidative Stress Reduction, Inflammation ReductionWeight/Diabetes Management, BioUptake and Digestive Efficacy
  • Bioanalytical services: ADME/TOX, PKPD, LC-MS/MS method development, Fractionation, API identification and isolation 
Natural. Synthetic. Old. New. Antioxidant compounds have been around a long, long time. They've been used in many ways and directed to...

   Science Backed Marketing

  • Brunswick Labs Product Testing Certification is a nutritional testing validation system that supports marketing via scientific research. Press releases, SEO, social media, a packaging/promotion certificaiton seal, subscription channels, and an exclusive website ( showcase certified products.