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*NEW* From ORAC to ORAC 6.0: Historical Review and Current Impact. The ORAC assay was created in the fight against the oxidative stress that can hurt health. It's always been the among the best assessment tools, and it's come a long way since its introduction. Find out just how far.

*NEW* Plant adaptogens: What They Are and How They WorkSTRESS!! It's difficult to avoid stress, but we can help our body cope with its unwanted effects by natural adaptogens. That's right adaptogens. What are they? How do they work? You can find our right here, right now.

*NEW* Tradition+Science=Pukka Love. Pukka Herbs has built a great brand through great products that people love. The magic happens where tradition and science meet.

*NEW* Cell-Based Assays to Evaluate Neuroprotective Effects. As we live longer we see more instances of neurogenerative diseases. Cell-based assays help to develop treatments to fight these diseases.

Ingredients Insight, Special Report: Function by the Rules. The functional foods market is growing, as is regulation. More and better science is now required to back up health benefit claims. 

Bioactivity Screening: The Utility of Immune Function Assays. A look at several important immune response biomarkers and their utility in in vitro bioassays designed to assess the effects of plant extracts or natural compounds on immune system function.

Screening for Bioactivity: Drug Discovery Isn't a Matter of Chance. Bioassays are cost effective and powerful tools in health function evaluation.  Here's a history of their development and how they may guide your discoveries.

Antioxidants: Mechanisms of Action and Effectiveness. Brunswick Labs knows antioxidants. Here's a brief to help understand the science, history, types, and function of antioxidants.

Old. New. Synthetic. Natural. Brunswick's Tech Chief Dr. Jin Ji Gives the Scoop on Natural Antioxidants for Food Preservatives to Food Product Design

Special Report - Claim Check: The Truth About Antioxidants

Natural Antioxidants as Food Preservatives

Spice and Seasoning as Antioxidant Preservative: the Trend of a Sophisticated Food Market

Planning for Success: A Clinical Study Primer

Oxidative Stress vs. in vivo Antioxidant Protection

Oxidative Stress: Effects on Lipids, Proteins and DNA

Inflammation and Nutraceutical Anti-inflammatory Investigation

Nutritional Analysis Food and Nutritional Products Can't Miss

Antioxidation and Oxidation: Reflection of Yin-Yang Theory?

The Growing Functional Foods Market

Antioxidants in Acne Treatment

Functional Foods R&D Efficiency Allows Scientific Propagation

Plants: A Potent Source of New Drug Candidates

Product Overstating: The Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical Nightmare

Oxidative Stress: Root of All Evil?

Good Nutrition May Be Dodging You

Is Anti-Aging a Marketing Fallacy?

The FDA is Wounded

Antioxidant... What?

Ingredient Corner
Stay tuned to Ingredient Corner for scientific insights into phytonutreint composition and potential biological functions of natural botanics from sage, rosemary, to chaga mushroom and kakadu plum, and more.

*NEW* Cactus Pear: Food Applications and Biological Activity. When's the last time you thought about the little cactus pear. Might be time to.
Hydrogen. Light Element. Bioactivity Heavyweight.
Turmeric: The Gold Inside the Golden Spice
Theobroma Cacao Fruit: The Once and Future Fruit of the Gods
Greek Mountain Tea (Sideritis L.): Functional Components and Biological Activity
The Busy Chaga Fungus: Functional Components and Biological Activity

News and Press Releases
Brunswick Labs official press releases and what is happening inside Brunswick Labs.

NEWS RELEASE: Good science is good business. Brunswick Labs science helps MycoTechnology raise nearly $10MM in funding.
Old. New. Synthetic. Natural. Brunswick's Tech Chief Dr. Jin Ji Gives the Scoop on Natural Antioxidants for Food Preservatives to Food Product Design
What's the scoop on anti-oxidants? Here's a recent article in Ingredients Magazine talking with Brunswick Labs CTO Dr. Jin Ji about antioxidant claims.
Spice and Seasoning as Antioxidant Preservative: The Trend of a Sophisticated Food Market
Brunswick Labs Releases ORAC 5.0 and CAA Values of Benchmark Materials
AOAC Approves ORAC as First Action Official Method for Antioxidants
New Study Supports ORAC Relevance in Human Health
NEW Core Strength Test Panel
A Critical Response to the USDA ORAC Statement
NEW Cellular Antioxidant Assay (CAA)
Brunswick Offers Bioassay Guided Isolation and Characterization of Bioactive Compounds from Natural Ingredients

Brunswick Labs Beat Newsletters

Just ICYMI (that's, In Case You Missed It), here's all the interesting and useful information Brunswick Labs has offered in its newsletters. Worth a browse.

Newsletter May 2015 - Save 10% on Testing! | Anti-Inflammatory and Oxidative Stress | Caco-2 Cells? | Preservatives: Past as Future | Telling Your Story, the Busy Chaga Mushroom
Newsletter April 2015 - How to run successful clinical trials | Sideritis? | How oxidative stress works in vivo | CTO Dr. Jin Ji at the Clean Lable Conference | Get Brunswick Labs certified | The reaction of kids trying breakfast foods from around the world

Technical Library

Biological Assays and Health Function Investigation

ORAC 6.0/ORAC 5.0 and CAA Values of Select Benchmark Materials

ORAC 6.0™ - Antioxidant Capacity Measurements of Botanicals and the Use of Multiple Radical Sources Using the ORAC Assay
ORAC 6.0 and Why 6 Radicals Matter
ORAC and Cell-Based Antioxidant (CAA) Combination
Standardization of Berries/Berry Products


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