General Bioanalytical Services 

Besides integrated clinical studies for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products, we also function as a bioanalytical CRO (contract research organization) to provide all stages of bioanalytical services. Our team consists of high caliber scientists from both nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries and offers: 

  • Fractionation, active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) identification and isolation
  • Biomarker, test compound, and metabolites quantification for clinical/preclinical studies
  • Clinical study biosample analysis via LC-MS/MS, ELISA, and automatic liquid handling system
  • ADME and Toxicity Studies: in vitro (freshly isolated hepatocytes, primary cells, Caco-2 cells) and in vivo preclinical/clinical studies
  • Advanced LC-MS/MS method development and validation
  • Bioassay development