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Skin Cell Anti-aging: Telomerase Activity 

A significant area for skin cell anti-aging investigation is through telomere and telomerase activity interrogation. A large body of research has related telomere length with cellular aging. Telomeres become shorter every time a cell divides, and when they are lost cells can not reproduce further. Telomerase, also called telomere terminal transferase, is an enzyme that carries its own RNA that is use as a template when it elongates telomere. Enhanced telomerase activity have been related to telomere lengthening and aging process deterring. As a result, materials that can enhance telomerase activity have been targets for potential function in anti-aging.


Specifically designed for skin care and cosmetic products, Skin Cell Anti-aging Assay (via telomerase activity, SC_telomerase) investigates the anti-aging potential of a test compound by minoring its effect on telomerase activity of human skin cells stressed by UVB radiation.