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Anti-aging Through UV Protection Effect

Investigation in Skin Cells or 3D Skins

Skin aging is the result of the addition of intrinsic processes (chronological aging) and extrinsic, or environmental, factors – of which ultraviolet radiation is the most important (actinic aging). UV radiation acts either directly on DNA or through the formation of harmful free radicals, such as singlet oxygen.

Brunswick Labs provides skin cells and 3D skin models based investigation to evaluate the potential UV protection function of a test material.  The investigation will evaluate the degree of protection provided by a test material on skin cells or 3D skins under UV irradiation. Matrix metalloproteinase-1 (MMP-1), a fibroblast collagenase also known as an anti-aging product target, will be used as the biomarker of skin damage. Specifically, UV-responsive human skin cells will be treated with or without a test cosmetic material. The skin cells will then be exposed to UV irradiation (UVA and/or UVB) produced by scientific grade UV generation system. Degree of MMP-1 in skin cells or 3D skins treated with and without test materials is then monitored and compared to determine the UV protection function of the material.