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Who are we?

Brunswick Labs is an independent bioanalytical testing and research laboratory focusing on phytochemical testing, human cells based bioassays, and clinical studies concerning functional foods, nutritional supplements, and pharmaceutical products.  

Since 1997 Hover for more informationBrunswick Labs customers all over the world
Thousands of Brunswick Labs' customers served all over the world.
 we help companies like Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo, Kraft Foods, and Campbell's to develop functional and medicinal products through our extensive bioanalytical testing, research, clinical and preclinical studies of natural and synthetic materials. We start with phytochemical analysis like ORAC assays and phytonutrient profling, progress to in-depth clinical and preclinical studies of health fucntions in biologcal systems (i.e., human bodies). 


  • Phytochemical quantification and profiling (Antioxidant testing; ORAC Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity; other phytonutrient profiling)
  • Human cells based bioassays to identify health benefit potentials of a material: Anti-inflammatoryWeight/Diabetes management, Energy metabolism, Immune boost, Detoxification, Antioxidation, Anti-cancerAnti-aging, etc.  
  • Clinical studies to evaluate Oxidative Stress Reduction, Inflammation ReductionWeight/Diabetes Management, Metabolic Syndrome Improvement, and other health functions of a test product
  • Other bioanalytical services: ADME/TOX, PKPD, LC-MS/MS method development, Fractionation, API identification and isolation 
 Turmeric, the bright yellow spice derived from the rhizome of curcuma longa plant, has been in research spotlight for over a decade. What is so precious about the Golden Spice and what exactly are...

Why us?

  • Dynamic Creativity  Work closely with you, design and conduct scientific investigations unique to your products
  • Under One Roof  From R&D discovery, routine testing, to preclinical and clinical studies, and nutraceutical function claims, all in one lab
  • Accessibility  Scientific staff readily available for discussion
  • Brand Recognition  Only Brunswick Labs has a consumer brand identity

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